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We Will Manage Your Vehicle or Your Whole Fleet


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Fleet Management Can Be Challenging

Thanks to its smart fleet systems, Maestro manages your company vehicles with the skill and precision of an orchestra conductor, no matter how large your fleet is.


Our Services

We offer flexible, bespoke solutions according to your company’s needs.
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Breakdown Package

Breakdown package covers replacement of parts with a predetermined service life that are not covered by the vehicle warranty. These include: the front assembly, clutch pads, and shock absorbers (unless damaged due to user error).

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Damage Package

Vehicles covered by the damage management system benefit from damage insurance. The damage insurance is offered in accordance with the guidelines of the Union Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Türkiye. The insurance comes into effect immediately after an accident.

You will also be offered an equivalent replacement in the event of damage to your vehicle during the contract period.

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Vehicle Insurance Tracking & Consulting

This service offers end-to-end document tracking for vehicles under insurance coverage in the event of damage. The operation is managed by our insurance specialists, and our experts contact repair shops to oversee repair costs. You will benefit from lower insurance premiums for vehicles covered by this service, maintain your vehicle’s value, and limit the increase in motor insurance costs.

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Tire Storage & Replacement

The service involves storing and changing your vehicle’s standard and winter tires in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

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Mini Mechanic Package

The service evaluates your usage habits to provide an estimate of periodic maintenance that will be needed during the service period. In addition, it offers maintenance of mechanical parts such as front and rear brake pads and alternator belts. This increases both driving safety and the service life of vehicles.

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Full Support Service Center

The customer contact center is available 24/7 for booking maintenance and tire change reservations. In the event of a breakdown/damage, the first thing our Avis Travel Companion module will do is to make sure you are okay. Then, a tow truck will be dispatched to take your vehicle to a repair shop where it will go extensive checks, the progress of which will be reported to you regularly.

Avis Filo Connect

Avis Fleet Connect, the newest Avis Fleet service offers next-gen telematics.

Driver Behavior Analysis

Reduces accident risk by improving driving habits.

Economic Driving Score

Helps save fuel and time.

Driver Behavior Analysis

Reduces accident risk by improving driving habits.

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Economic Driving Score

Helps save fuel and time.

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What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management offers numerous advantages to companies.

Avis Fleet’s innovative fleet management solutions are a comprehensive suite of fleet management services for your company’s self-owned and rental vehicles.

For self-owned vehicles: With Maestro, you can reduce the operating costs of your company’s self-owned vehicles, report driving data, and manage your entire fleet operation end-to-end in a single invoice with Otokoç assurance.

For all vehicles: Avis Fleet Connect offers telematics for both self-owned and rental vehicles, enabling enhanced driving safety, reduced fuel consumption, and real-time vehicle monitoring.

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